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Alida Tomaszewski: aspiring writer, culture vulture, film buff and new media fiend.

Herzlich willkommen, and welcome to the World Film Festivals blog. From April 15 to 26 I will be covering the 2009 Audi Festival of German Films (AFGF) – exploring issues of programming and funding, publishing and festival image, target and peripheral audience, and distribution/exhibition networks.

It was during my final BA year whilst studying at UCLA that I first volunteered (and acted as unofficial paparazzo) for both the AFI Fest and Film Independent’s L.A. Film Festival.

For the purposes of this blog I will concentrate on how the AFGF reconciles the needs of the local audience while fulfilling its raison d’être and supporting national German culture. Furthermore, how do the historical and socio-cultural contexts of these productions yield different readings, and what meanings might I, as an Australian, unearth that wouldn’t be found by critics from the same culture as the text? I will explore questions of cultural specificity and more importantly how this fits into a now global film culture.


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2 Responses to “Festival Reporter Profile 3”

  1. Dina Iordanova Says:

    Hi Alida,

    I am writing from Columbus, Ohio, where I came to yesterday to give the keynote for a conference. The event will be at the Wexner Centre of the Arts (http://wexarts.org/), a super-modern architectural marvel on the campus here, a venue that seems to have an excellent film programme. They are screening Wajda’s Katyn after my talk tomorrow, which is a part of a Wajda series that they have programmed (mostly including films of his from older times, nothing recent, really). As well as a variety of other interesting things. Check it out! I am not sure if there is a film festival here, but will ask my hosts later today. I am constantly surprised learning of more and more festivals; American friends living in cities that are away from the big cultural centres like NY or LA are particularly keen on keeping festivals going as a local cultural activity, as often this is the only way in which they can bring a variety of films to their location.

    Looking forward to reading your posts!


  2. Alida Tomaszewski Says:

    Hi Dina, was browsing my old posts and re-noticed this comment! I checked out WexArts, the architecture looks insane (in an appropriately creative way!) – what an amazing artistic haven. Katyn hasn’t been released in Australia yet, looking forward to catching it though. Did you end up finding out if there is a film festival over there?

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