Festival Reporter Profile 4

Hi! My name is Nienke Huitenga, a Masters student in Film and Television Studies, enjoying a brief stay in Melbourne at Monash University. Originally I’m from The Netherlands, where I studied French Language and Culture at Utrecht University, albeit with a fiery passion for visual arts. Therefore I have been very committed to completing a Masters degree in Film and Television studies. My stay here in Australia is giving me the chance to develop my skills in the area of film critique, particularly the opportunity to review the German Film Festival (to be held in Melbourne on 16th – 26th April 2009).

As an enthusiastic (but critical) cinemaniac, I appreciate films that can make you forget where you are. I want to be taken into the world on screen. I want to believe, feel, and think I am part of the story. But I also want to learn, become more aware of how reality can be stranger than fiction. I want to participate in a critical reflection of life.

Therefore, I will use my critical eye to evaluate how the German Film Festival portrays the stories, engages the audience, and gives some food for thought. Despite having both attended and worked as a volunteer in a number of film festivals, I have not properly been aware of the mechanics of film festival programming. The German Film Festival will provide an interesting exercise in uncovering how the life of this particular event comes to fruition, and how the local people will respond to the surge of German (film) culture.


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